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Getting fitter...

Our team is all shapes, all sizes - some are 20 min 5km runners and others are 'Couch to 5km'. 

You don't have to do any training to take part at an event like Blenheim and really enjoy yourself on the day.

And of course you don't have to do the training with Kensal Tri team members if you'd prefer to do your own training.

However, many of our team members love the social part and the supportive vibe for all levels is a big reason for them to be part of our network and/or enter an event.

And it helps to keep motivation levels up of course!

An example week (not including rest days!!) could be:

MON - Lido swim lesson or group swim
TUES - our Moberly swim lessons

WEDS - free track session/cardio with Jamie Baird or Group PT in Tiverton with Lizzie 

THURS - running with the Harriers or indoor swim with Hampstead Tri or Denham evening swim

FRI - Group PT with Mariangela, swim at the Lido or enjoy your 7 Day Moberly or Willesden membership

SAT - Gladstone Park Run or Denham swim

SUN - Richmond Park cycle or run with the Harriers

Some 'Swim, Bike, Run...' - some of our local options 

Meet the Trainers

The below trainers will all be offering a mixture of free and/or discounted training for our team members.

Willesden Sports Centre

Various trainers

If you are fundraising you are entitled to a 7 Day Willesden Sports Centre pass

Mariangela Cireddu

Personal Trainer

Mariangela organised a Relay team and swam at Blenheim in 2021. She offers popular Group training in Tiverton or at Fitness Workspace (& can do bespoke).

Lizzie Barker

Personal Trainer

Lizzie has done Blenheim Sprint x3 & organises weekly sessions in Tiverton, with free taster Group PT classes to anyone joining Kensal Tri.

Alex Walker

Swimming Instructor - Denham Lake

Alex and his team will again organise open-water swimming lessons for us at Denham Lake. These start from mid-April.

Maciej Gross

Specialist Personal Trainer

Maciej is a specialist personal trainer who can help you with strength & flexibility. He works from his boutique private gym on Wrentham Ave.

Moberly Sports Centre

7 day Moberly Membership

The Moberly offers our fundraisers 7 Day gym membership. This includes not only swimming but their wide range of fitness classes!

Mehdi at Moberly

Moberly Swimming

Mehdi & Vinorica will make you confident to front crawl through a Tri

Jamie Baird

Personal Trainer

Jamie has done Blenheim Sprint x2 & trained many of our team. He's again offering free weekly track & 'Back on Track' (lose weight) sessions.

Swimming Nature

Swimming Nature Instructors

The expert swimming instructors at the Maqam Centre on Wrentham Ave organise group swim technique lessons especially for us.

Storm LDN

Storm LDN Team

Storm LDN of Salusbury Rd offers high intensity work-outs for our team. Expect circuit training & a great work-out!

Steve at Yogaloft

Reformer Pilates

Steve has agreed to organise a private Kensal Tri weekly Reformer session

Queens Park Harriers

Running Training

Learn running technique from the Queens Park Harriers team and join some of their runners on 5km+ runs?

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