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Blenheim Q&A not answered in the official pack


Limelight now advise everyone left to register for Relay can do so using their Team Captain's code. 

QR Codes should be with everyone by Thurs eve via Limelight.


How can I get there/I need a lift!

Please use the WhatsApp group to ask if you can grab a lift there/back with anyone.

It's trickier if you need to get a bike there as well.

Gabby and a few other team members are thinking of train to Oxford Parkway and then cycle to Woodstock. Please google for bus/cab options.

I need to get my bike there?

If you're driving then be sure to check your car boot. It should be easy (20 secs) to take one or both wheels off.

Otherwise you need the luck of the WhatsApp group for someone else's boot or roof rack. Or it's train. Or combine with others to hire a van, as one team member has done.

Where do I park?

You park for free on the field and it may be a 5-8 min walk up to the entrance.

What time to leave home?

Please read the event pack! If driving, it'll take 90 minutes - try to arrive 9.30-ish?

Subtract at least 30 mins from your timings to allow for:

- traffic

- going the wrong way

- parking

- getting bike/clobber out of car

- walking to Kensal Tent

- pumping up tyres/finding a pump

- queuing for registration

- making sure no registration problems, eg barcodes

- sorting our the registration pack and getting event number on t-shirt/bike etc

- queuing for toilets

- sorting our your spot in Transition area (60-90 mins before)

- allow 20 mins to get to, and wait by, the lake for the swim at the beginning

- children requests/duathlon events

- enjoying ambiance/getting into the frame of mind

- snack time

- helping others who may be more panicked

- pictures (team pic at Kensal Tent at 11am)

On the train (see event pack), there may be delays. Three people missed their stop last year.


As per the event pack, it's easy parking and you're directed on entering the Palace. It will be maybe a 5 min walk from the car to registration and the Kensal Tent.


We are next to Limelight's registration tent. See the map.













There is no safe or ideal place to leave valuables.

Choose the car or someone spectating.

We have the Kensal tent where I understand bags can be left.

If leaving your bike please make sure you have a lock and it's also entirely at your own risk (in the past people have locked their bikes to railings or been with them outside of transition.


Children don't need spectator tickets if doing duathlon. But others do and, unfortunately, Blenheim Palace isn't cheap. The best deals are on their website. You can get a day pass or year pass if you'd like to visit Blenheim with no lycra blots on the landscape.


I guess think of it as donating to the magnificent Palace estate (vrs your entry fee which goes to Limelight for organisation/insurance etc).


Who'll look after them while you run? 

There's no creche and, unfortunately, do lean in for friends on the WhatsApp who will be able to spend some or all of 90 mins to 2hrs with the kids.


Please take lots and ask spectators to take even more. Remember the tops. 

Do cheesy arms in air. Show off medals. As well as your own mementos you get to do a last fundraise push with them.

You might also persuade someone to do this with us next year (or another of the Tri events this summer like Dorney on July 2nd or Hever on Sept 26th).

Team social media @kensaltri on twitter and insta using #kensaltri and #forthegoodofthehood.


I'm trying to see if the Wolfpack will give us upstairs like last year with those not wanting Champions League Final in background enjoying Lonsdale Rd sunny evening beer.

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