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Inspire your children to get involved

Kensal Tri Juniors top


Apart from the personal satisfaction of smashing the target and helping local people?

Your child will also be proud to have something Kensal Tri adults can't have: their name on the front of a specially-made Kensal Tri top!

Our local partner will also add other special personalized prizes for any extra fundraising efforts and acts of kindness to encourage others with their challenges.

We'd like to teach children that 'All good things come in Threes'.


So we're challenging children across our area to set their own triple challenge with their parents and/or PE teacher.

We'd like this to be:

1. a sporty challenge (swim, bike, run or maybe a walk? or event?)

2. a #forthegoodofthehood challenge (raise £30 for a local charity of their choice OR agree a good neighbourly deed with us)

3. a find a friend challenge (try to find someone else to do their Tri challenge!)  


Meet The Team (so far)

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