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Transition (BRICK) Training

The 4th part of 'Tri'athlon?



Switching from wet-suit to bike and then bike to run takes a bit of getting used to!


So we're indepted to the super-friendly Hampstead Tri Club for inviting us to join their occasional BRICK sessions around Regents Park inner circle.

Any pace

The idea is you run around the inner circle (1km) and then ride three laps (3km) and repeat as many times as you can within an hour!


Supporting local charities

Thanks to the generosity of Dan of Hampstead Tri Club some of these sessions raised further funds for our charities, including Sally & Wendy representing Cricklewood Library (pic on left)

Post-work out rewards

Brick sessions typically last 9am-10am giving team members a chance to grab a coffee in Regents Park cafe (100 metres away) afterwards.

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