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Queens Park 'Couch to 5km'

Enjoy 5km runs at any pace



We've been lucky enough to have the support of the Queens Park Harriers running club who kindly spent Sunday morning's teaching us the best ways to warm up and how to improve running technique & avoid pesky niggles or injuries.

5km runs

Blenheim is a 5.4km course (2.9km for Super Sprint) and the Harriers will help you get used to running at any pace, while helping to build-up your stamina. 

queens park harriers helping training in queens park.png

Social & Inclusive

Queens Park cafe is an excellent place to grab a coffee afterwards to ask any questions or you can join Harriers members on their Sunday 'long runs' - which are usually up to 20km (but you can exit them when you need to!). 

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