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Moberly Sports Centre

Free memberhip to Get Everyone Active & private swim lessons


Moberly Sports Centre

The Moberly Sports Centre on Chamberlayne Rd kindly offer '7 Day Passes' to our Kensal Tri fundraisers.

They also offer us private swimming lessons (which are scheduled for Tues evenings in 2023).

With your pass, you'll have access to a whole host of modern facilities, including two pools, a 120-station gym and two Group Fitness studios. Additionally, there’s a large eight-court sports hall where you can enjoy a variety of activities, a spa and a bespoke gymnastics area, alongside other facilities.

7 Day Membership

The Moberly's kind offer includes their group fitness studio which plays host to a variety of different classes. Whatever your fitness goals may be, you’re sure to find the right class for you, while the social nature of the sessions means you can meet new people too.



The 7--day membership includes access to the Moberly's superb swimming pool. 

Pictured here is 2022 swimming instructor, Ali, with some of our Kensal Tri team.

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