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A great school fundraiser
(and community builder)

We are also keen to hear from schools, if your's needs a great fundraiser for 2023.

The September 2021 event raised over £50,000 for Malorees, Salusbury and Ark Franklin schools and QPCS, Princess Fredericas and St Agnes raised £20,000 between the three of them in 2022.

We hope to add Malorees Infant & Junior School, Ark Franklin Primary, Princess Frederica's Primary, St Agnes Primary, Queens Park Community School (QPCS) for June 2023 and can easily add others.

In 2021 our smallest school team had one person and the largest school team so far has been 49!


Malorees Infant & Junior School

Malorees has organised Blenheim teams for the past four events, raising over £60,000 for their school.

In 2021 they took 49 teachers (including the six pictured here) and parents, raising over £18,000 for their outdoor learning initiatives.

Salusbury Primary School

Salusbury Primary School - led by Michelle Ginty, the Head Teacher, took seven Relay teams, a Sprinter and two Super Sprinters to Blenheim last year, raising over £14,000 for Project Playground.

This was their first time at Blenheim. 


Ark Franklin Primary School

Ark Franklin took part in the Kensal Tri team for the first time in 2021 and in 2022 also had a 20-strong team. They raised over £23,000 for air purifiers and other school equipment.

Several of the school's children took part in the duathlon events.

Princess Frederica Primary School

Princess Freds took our largest Tri team in May 2022.


31 teachers and parents raised over £10,700 for their school hall.

The team also had our fastest-ever Tri member, Harry. He finished 12th in 1hr 15 mins in the Sprint event.

Some of the school's children took part in the duathlon events.

Princess frederica biggest team with kids.jpg

St Agnes Primary School

St Agnes from Cricklewood entered a mix of Relay, Super Sprint and Sprint team members in the May 2022 Blenheim.

They raised over £3,000 for the school.

Orchard House School

A team of teachers from Orchard House School joined our team in 2018 raising several thousand pounds for their school charity.



Fundraisers have also raised money for Ark Brunel and Queens Park Primary School. 

We would be delighted to support any other school PTAs in Brent.

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