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Our Team Stories

Whatever your level of fitness, time or motivation, we will have team members at your level.

The training is all very informal - please don't feel shy to come try a session out before committing to the event.

Most of our team members are not members of running or Triathlon clubs and many have never done sporting events before.

And most of us doing the event last year hadn't met before.

Here are just some of our team members from the past three years - all doing this for different reasons.

Giorgia (with Elena) - Sprint - September 2021 


Giorgia said she had "always wanted to do an event like this...but didn't know people to do it with".

She also wanted to celebrate the memory of her father as well as get into great shape for her wedding in August.


She - and best friend Elena - loved the training so much they switched from the Super Sprint event to do the longer distance and completed it, beautifully, alongside one another all the way.

Elena added "This was both our first Triathon. But now we know what we're doing we can't wait to try it all again next year!"

Ellie Southwood - Relay (run, with Sophie) - September 2021


Cllr Ellie Southwood (centre, with Salusbury World fundraiser team members) is a Queens Park Harriers runner - and now she is a Triathlete and Tri Team Relay captain!

As a blind runner, her story is even more inspirational.


She says "I was a little nervous entering such a big event but everyone supported one another the whole way round. I loved the experience, including the Relay Team coming together to cross the line at the same time. My message to everyone is to try this - "you can do it!'". 

Malorees Infant & Junior School - 2017-2022 (all events)

hampstead ponds team.jpg

Malorees - pictured above in its Hampstead Pond takeover in 2018 - is one of several schools that take part at Blenheim and has raised over £15,000 on four occasions. Last year the school took 49 staff and parents and several children to the day's duathlon events. It's the school's largest fundraising event of the year.

The Malorees teams have been made up of complete exercise novices and the extremely quick. Like Salusbury School (who raised over £15,000 from the event in September), the school organised several Relay Team. Ark Franklin also organised a team of 25, raising over £15,000. .

Simon & Jo - Sprint event 2021 (Brent Centre for Young People)

Simon & Jo outside Brent Centre.jpg

Simon & Jo were two of the first team members to sign-up for the Sprint event at Blenheim in September 2021. Neither had done Tri before although they were keen swimmers in the Serpentine and had enjoyed Park Runs.


Simon and Jo even set-up their own swim/cycle/run practice combinations ending in the Gladstone Park Run!

Jo said: "We loved the way everyone came together in such a supportive way and we persuaded several friends to also sign-up. The training was fun - I didn't even know what a BRICK session (transition practice) was before the summer - and we both became fitter. We were also delighted to raise money for teenage mental health in our area".

Cathy - Relay (run leg) 2021 (for Lexi Cinema)

lexi cinema tri team.jpg

Cathy (centre) was understandably nervous about taking on the 5km Relay run leg in September 2021 having not run regularly for several years.


She grew in confidence thanks to Jamie Baird's Willesden Track sessions through the summer.

Cathy said "The training, the support, the day at the Palace, were all wonderful and the team has inspired men to sign-up for the Queens Park Harriers and keep running through the winter".


Gareth - Sprint 2017-


Gareth (left) is Mr Consistency at Blenheim having finished between 1st and 4th in our teams since 2017. Before his first Triathlon he said he had never learned how to swim properly and regrets not having the lessons sooner.


He is now a member of Willesden Tri Club and has gone onto compete in other events.


Here he is pictured with Pete, Relay for Refugee Education UK in September 2021 - someone quicker even than Gareth on the bike! Gareth also made this video in 2018 showing the spirit of all our training!


Martin & Amy - Super Sprint/Sprint 2018-

amy malorees

Martin complained he and Amy were nagged into doing his first Super Sprint back in 2018 but he said "it changed my life" as it gave him back his fitness mojo.

He now regularly runs 5km locally and has been a key member of our organising team, including designing the very popular Kensal Tri t-shirts and our branding. 

Amy said: "This community has been an inspiration, coming together in a such a magical way to do this. Being fitter has helped me in many ways, including giving me more energy to play football with my youngest son in the park .I've had to work really hard to do Blenheim as the cycling and running doesn't come easily to me but you choose the pace you want to go and everyone finishes with a huge smile. II can't recommend Blenheim and all the training too much".

Rachel - Super Sprint 2021 (Brent Centre)

rachel b and son.jpeg

Rachel had wanted to do Blenheim on several occasions but had been cautious about pushing herself physically, having experienced heart disease in her late 30s.

Rachel said "Over the past three years I'd lost confidence in my heart and this was a big milestone for me personally. I also wanted to do this to show support for teenagers, so many of whom have struggled with mental health over the past two years as a result of the impact of Covid.

My son and I loved Blenheim and would love to come back to do it again!" 

Rob - Relay - Laurence's Larder - 2019


Rob - pictured with Gill & Kathy of Salusbury World) - joined forces with Gill and Fahim of Sufra NW London (bike) to finish off with the 5.4km run leg at Blenheim in 2019.

Rob, 62, said: "My partner and I wanted to raise funds for Laurence's Larder and it was great also to help raise the profile of the work of Salusbury World and Sufra NW. I only had time to do a little training but made it easily around the course and it was a very memorable day"..

Megan & Isla - Children's Duathlon 2018 (Kensal Rise Library)

megan isla blenheim.jpg

Megan & Isla decided they wanted not only to do the children's events at Blenheim but also wanted to see if they could fundraise to help Kensal Rise Library re-open.

Megan said "The children's events don't involve the swimming part but it's great fun to do run-cycle-run in different age groups - and take away a medal and t-shirt! It was also easy for us to raise money to help Kensal Rise Library - lots of friends and family sponsored us!"

The Elders' Voice Relay Team - 2022

Elders Voice Relay Team 2022.jpg

The Elders' Voice Relay Team of Lawrence, Jon and Graziella raised £2,000 for Elders and wrote about the experience very entertainingly in the Elders Voice newsletter here.

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