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Q&A - 2023

I can't do Triathlon as I can't run any more (or hate swimming).

If you can't do one of the three legs of the event why not just do one (or two) in a Relay Team?

One of you can swim, one can cycle and the other will run. Or you can do two legs and avoid the other!

I'm not fit and have little spare time - will I have to do loads of training?

No - you can do as little or as much as you like.

For example, if you just sign-up to do a 5.4km running Relay leg you can jog or even part-walk round. And many of our team will be doing that!

I want to get fitter - what training opportunities are there?

You can see most of our opportunities on our calendar.

Our mixed ability group(s) will be doing short runs, cycles to places like Regents Park and Richmond.

And swimming in Hampstead Ponds, the Serpentine, Parliament Hill Lido and beautiful Denham Lake.


Will I need lots of fancy kit?

No, you can buy fancy kit but there's no need.

For example, if you pick a swimming option, we will llend you a wet-suit if you can't get

hold of one.

You can use any type of bike (even a shopping bike); you'll just go faster the lighter it is.

We can also help you source/borrow one.

How much will it cost?

BLENHEIM: The cost of Sprint or Super Sprint is £130 and a Relay leg is £60. This gets paid to Limelight for your event plus the lunchtime team start, Kensal Tri tent and other benefits.


You will also get local training and the unique Kensal Tri team top.  

We know that cost is beyond many people in a cost-of-living squeeze so some local charities are offering to pay up to 50% of your entry cost if you agree to fundraise for them. For example, Elders Voice on Mortimer Rd. Also, the Lexi Cinema will give an annual membership to their fundraisers.

DORNEY/LONDON TRI/HEVER CASTLE/OTHER EVENTS: please email for prices. We usually get a 20% or more discount if we have at least ten entrants.

I'm worried about fundraising and don't think I can raise £100

We know from past years that everyone raises the minimum amount and we will help you achieve that by creating a fundraising profile and promoting it.

However, it is also possible to enter the event with us and not fundraise. Entry costs this year have been up to £130 which include a number of free training and other local discounts and benefits. 

(The above may also suit people who have done lots of fundraising events and just would like to take part in our team).​​

Are there children's events at Blenheim?

Yes! Have them enjoy the duathlon (run/cycle) fun and they can fundraise also if they'd like to. These fun events will be run by Mi-sports at Blenheim.

If bringing the children, Blenheim Palace is also a fantastic place to bring a picnic as well as to cheer their parents on!

Who is taking part so far?

We are expecting all the 25 local charities who took place last year to join us again and expect to be adding 'In The Mix', the Mayhew and Salusbury School (who joined us in 2021). 

We can add other local charities of your choice.

You can find the sponsorship pages here:

Can I bring a friend to take part?

Anyone is welcome. Note that Blenheim Palace charge a spectator fee.

I'd love to do this but can't do Saturday 3rd June.

All's not lost - drop us a line. Not only is there a Day 2 at Blenheim on the Sunday but we are also looking at taking our team to another Triathlons through the summer.

What happens to my Relay team if someone pulls out last minute?

You have the choice of doing two legs or we will be able to accommodate name changes up to a few days before the event.

Sounds great - how do I sign-up?

Please fill out the very short form at

Call Giles on 07753 949 301 if you'd prefer to talk through the options.

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